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Since 2014, there is new space on the World Wide Web! In the coming months, hundreds of new domain extensions will be gradually introduced.

You will find here perfect new domain extensions for your debut on the web.

Details: Advantages and Use, Definitions, FAQs, FAQs for Companies.

new domains


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Advantages and Use

Short domain names have an unbeatable advantage: in most cases they consist of a single word and are therefore easy to remember. They also look more attractive when sharing on social networks using a smaller number of characters. If it has been difficult or impossible to register short and meaningful domain names in the past, the new TLDs now offer this option.

  • reasonable number of characters
  • easier to remember and reproduce
  • benefit in social networks owing to short URL

A greater variety in top-level domains also means a larger and more flexible range of potential addresses for your new web projects. You can significantly improve and specify the visibility using specific top-level domains.

The new TLDs allow the identification of industries. You are a specialist in technology, training, career or business sector or provide catering and tourism services? Then you will certainly find the one most relevant for you among more than 700 new top-level domains. Top-level domains like .university, .academy, .careers, .app, .mail, .host, .hotel, .bar, .pub or .career leave no doubt about the services offered.

There is a special treat for (online) shop operators. They can now present their range using the new domain extensions like .shop, .luxury, .discount, .kaufen oder .auto.

A new form of geographic domain extensions is the regional differentiation between individual cities and provinces. This is an advantage especially for many local businesses. Products and services aimed at a specific location will be able to show this in the future by means of their specific top-level domain.

TLDs like .wien, .berlin, .hamburg and .tirol are becoming increasingly popular, especially among tour operators. However, many companies specializing and focused on a particular region take advantage of this new offer.

Each of the previously mentioned advantages is the reason enough for the registration of a new top-level domain. An additional advantage is that an additional keyword is inserted in the URL using some of the new domain extensions. It remains to be seen what overall impact this factor will have on the search results.

In short summary, it can be said that many short and meaningful domain names will be available. In addition, future websites can be assigned to various industries, services and regions at a glance using the new TLDs, which supports a more focused positive appearance and also offers helpful orientation to those carrying out search.


ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. This office has been created with the purpose of bringing domain extensions (TLDs) to being. It decides which company or organization will be responsible for a particular TLD. Requests for new TLDs are submitted to ICANN, then they are assessed individually and decisions about possible use are made.

Besides generic top-level domains (gTLDs), also country specific top-level domains (country code TLDs or ccTLDs) are currently differentiated. While country specific TLDs are generated from the relevant country code (.at for Austria, .de for Germany and .ch for Switzerland), generic domain extensions can be divided into sponsored (sTLDs) and unsponsored (uTLDs).

Generic TLD (gTLD)

While unsponsored TLDs are managed by ICANN and the Internet Society, sponsored TLDs are suggested domains of certain companies and organizations used according to previously agreed regulations.

Sponsored TLD

The fulfillment of certain requirements is potentially required.

Those wishing to operate a domain using a sponsored TLD should be informed in advance about certain requirements and regulations regarding the use of such a TLD.

Failure to follow the requirements can lead to penalties applied at the discretion of the registry. They range from disconnection to domain deletion. If, for example, you decide in favor of a .mobi TLD, the contents of the provided website should by all means display properly on mobile phones.

Sponsored TLDs include, among others, .travel (travel) or .xxx (sex).

Unsponsored TLD

No restrictions and regulations that you must adhere to.

Unsponsored TLDs are domains that consist of three or more characters and can be assigned to a certain group. Popular domains are .net (network), .org (organization), .com (commerical), .biz (business) or .name (name).

Unsponsored domains usually have no conditions and regulations that must be adhered to.

The situation is different with sponsored TLDs and some country domains.

Country specific TLD (country code TLD or ccTLD)

Country specific top-level domains appeal to users for many different reasons. In addition to the reference to homeland, some particularly sought-after ccTLDs allow interesting combinations and notices.

Top-level domain .me (Montenegro), for example, enjoys great popularity for wordplay like like.me. Micronesia's .fm domain is significantly popular in music industry and Tuvalu's .tv domain is used for television.

City- and region-specific top-level domains

Top-level domains for cities open up new prospects, especially for local businesses.

Advantages of city-specific top-level domains

However, it automatically implies that these domains make the most sense when someone operates a production site at this city / region or provides information about this city / region.

A Domain Name Registry or NIC (Network Information Center) is in charge of top-level domains management.

Registrars obtain domains under certain TLDs from registries. End customers obtain their domains through registrars.

Some registries are also registrars.

An overview of all new domain extensions